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About Equitas 

Innovative Solutions for Emerging Industries

Whether accessing new markets or addressing market challenges, success in an emerging industry requires facing change and opportunity with the passionate commitment to innovation that drives industry. 

Equitas and our network of partners and professionals provide public affairs solutions for innovators, lawmakers, and other stakeholders. 


Legislative and Regulatory Policy Development

Legislative and regulatory policy development for CPG industries including cannabis, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, and natural products. 


Government Affairs 

Integrated government affairs strategies at all levels of government. Services include policy analysis and development, lobbying, campaign and coalition management, and grassroots organizing. 


Regulatory Affairs

Identify and manage regulatory risks and opportunities. Agency engagement and partnership. Self-regulatory initiatives to improve safety, decrease compliance costs, stabilize markets and supply chains, and reduce crisis frequency and reach. 


Solutions-based policy and programming. Synergistic and sustainable policies that promote good corporate citizenship, serve common objectives, and manage impacts. 


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Amber Littlejohn, Esq

President and Chief Strategy Officer 

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Amber a lawyer, strategist, and veteran advocate for businesses in emerging and embattled markets for more than 10 years.

With a nuanced understanding of the interplay between politics, industry, and community, she helps cannabis, dietary supplement, and other CPG businesses and stakeholders, manage risk and opportunity and develop and drive policy. She creates innovative legislative, regulatory, and public engagement strategies to access and grow markets, stabilize supply chains, and reduce crisis frequency and reach. 

Amber is a nationally recognized voice for the cannabis industry and policy and has appeared in national media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN. She has testified before the U.S. House Financial Services Committee and numerous state and local legislative and regulatory bodies.


As Executive Director of the Minority Cannabis Business Association she established the federal policy program and helped propel the organization to national prominence by facilitating synergies among diverse stakeholders across all segments of industry and policymaking. She is the author of MCBA’s National Equity Report, a comprehensive analysis of national cannabis equity and regulatory policy. 


Prior to her work in cannabis, she was a business owner, strategist, and advocate in the natural products industry where she helped build a thriving wellness company while helping industry and firms navigate and minimize the frequency and impact of regulatory challenges during a time of recurrent high-visibility crisis. 


She currently serves as Vice President of Strategic Planning for the International Cannabis Bar Association.  

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